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  • A dedicated server platform
  • Your own IP address
  • No extra bandwidth charges
  • Our system you can customise
  • Built in reseller package
  • Unlimited domains (no setup fees)
  • Earn $€£ through our affiliate program!
  • Simply select the platform you need for your
    business and we setup the rest.

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    Test your potential
    routes within
    the system,
    automated test
    dialer gives
    instant results

    Our unique software  shows you profitable routes instantly!
    NO more manual testing

    Total Control in

    All our statisitics are shown in realtime. Full access to cdrs

    Our system
    supports multi
    level reselling
    personalised login page

    We provide you
    a dedicated 
    server platform with
    your own
    IP address

    Easy to Use - Fully Featured - Low Cost

    The Most Advanced Telecommunication Number Management System Available!

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    Get Your System Today!
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    The latest management system from Switch2, to manage your telecoms business.  Every feature you need to manage your numbers, with built in test dialer, rate lookup tool and affiliate program.  More Info...

    A powerful and easy to use system with very low fixed running costs ! Make more money... Faster !

    What Client's Are Saying...
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    Easy to use and configure – no need to be a systems
    expert to do this. Support is excellent – lots of self-help
    on the site which avoids putting in a ticket/call, but when
    needed, answered promptly. No other number system
    gives you as much control and speed as the
    Switch2 system.

    ...CEO   Richard Grey

    ...Mike Jenkins,   Telecom Mgmt    

    Great user experience...
    This is the most outstanding number management system I have used for my telecom business. Save's me hours of tedious work and man hours, finds me the most competitive routes in minutes. Great support and help from the company.

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    Over a year in development,Switch2 has produced the most advanced number management system available. With an easy to use interface you can manage all the functions of your business.

    From importing and managing numbers, to issuing numbers to creating IVR services to billing, everything is simple to view and use.

    You can use our automated route comparison tool to check cost advantageous routes and then test them with the integrated dialer. No other system offers this speed of lookup with actual live dial testing !

    We use a high performance and high availability hosting platform for our systems.

    Our data centres are located around the world to provide a fast local service, wherever your business is.

    Based on the latest cloud technology, our systems can expand to your needs as your business and demands grow.

    Each Switch2 system combines the capabilities of a switch, IVR platform and comprehensive billing system.

    Its all about the money, that's telecoms and with that in mind, we have made our pricing simple. Every call min can be as low as £0.001 (traffic volumes apply). We have a small standing charge each month but for that you get: